To promote meaningful and active symbiotic relationships among a select group of prominent business owners, executives and other professionals, all working together to achieve each Member’s goal of growing their businesses and the continued growth of the Long Island Business Community.

What Sets Us Apart

The EBA is a prominent, private Long Island-based community of similarly-situated executives, professionals and businesspeople, interested in building meaningful, reciprocal relationships with our peers and colleagues, in furtherance of the Mission. The EBA distinguishes itself from..

What We Are

The EBA comprises innovative leaders, admired entrepreneurs, respected professionals and successful executives, all connected by the common goals of working together to build our businesses and to help shape and develop the emerging local business climate here on Long Island.  As we grow and strengthen the EBA, we envision it emerging as a respected business …

What We Are Not

The EBA is not a networking group in the conventional sense and was founded by a group of professionals who became disenchanted with the networking “circuit”.  We’ve all experienced those forced meetings filled with a hodgepodge of irregular characters and the awkward, anxious dialogue that inevitably ensues. The EBA is the antithesis of that idea …