How to Make the Cut (Eligibility)

The EBA is committed to the aggressive pursuit of its Mission, however the EBA is, first and foremost, a private group focused on generating business for its Members. To accomplish both goals, the Board is selective and thoughtful in identifying and approaching potential Members. An Admission Interview will be conducted by the Chair of the Member Admission Committee and ultimately the decision to admit a new member is made by the entire Board. If admitted, each new Member will be assigned an industry or profession or specialty with regard to their business. We strive to avoid duplicity with regard to certain professions or industries but at the same time, we encourage industry colleagues and peers to work together, to the extent possible and productive. However in doing so, we of course defer to our existing Senior Members when a prospective Member’s profession is related to, or encroaches upon, any such Senior Member’s assigned specialty before the Board makes its decision to admit a new Member.