How it Works

Generally, we meet twice each month and alternate between our Formal Meetings and our Socials. The Socials are relaxed, easy and fun. The Formal Meetings are characteristically more “substantive” and are focused on growing the EBA’s presence in the Long Island Business Community, presenting business and/or educational seminars to our Members, supporting certain hand-picked Long Island charitable organizations or community endeavors and of course promoting each Member’s business and encouraging networking and referral activities, which is the essence of the EBA. See Member Benefits for more information.

Attendance is never mandatory but it is necessary and therefore, always encouraged. Because the networking element of the EBA is a bi-lateral function, if any Member is not participating in the events, we will meet with that Member and suggest to him/her that they are not participating, contributing and benefitting from the group and work with that Member to come up with a resolution, to ensure that Member is productively contributing to and deriving value from their membership. One result of this meeting may be to not renew that Membership (allowing a slot to open for a new Member who is able to actively participate in the EBA) but to encourage that Member to remain a friend of the EBA and continue to involve them in the group socials and open events.