What Sets Us Apart

The EBA is a prominent, private Long Island-based community of similarly-situated executives, professionals and business people, interested in building meaningful, reciprocal relationships with our peers and colleagues, in furtherance of the Mission.

The EBA distinguishes itself from other business networking groups on Long Island by forging two distinct but complementary concepts: (a) building relationships that have a strong foundation in business; while also (b) providing a relaxed forum that allows our Members to get to know one another socially and in depth. We achieve this end by connecting our members in both professional environments (e.g., business seminars, corporate training exercises and formal networking) and through hosting and coordinating more social endeavors (e.g., playing golf, supporting one another’s charities and non-profit work, organized social events and small luncheons or dinners arranged by the Board).

We believe that combining these two foundational elements will lead to long, meaningful and mutually prosperous professional relationships that we can all benefit from, while giving back to the Long Island Business and Non-Profit communities.